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Current Warning Signs: Animated and Excitable in Interpersonal Style

Welcome to Animated and Excitable!   I'm known as @Rose_Annie_Flo on Twitter but I've started this blog because  140 characters apparently just isn't enough for all the things I need to say. I am a 40-something woman officially diagnosed with an "animated and excitable personal style" and I'm going to be blogging about my ridiculous-to-sublime journey through the mental health services. Before anyone gives me the side-eye: when I said "officially diagnosed", I was not exactly kidding... My Current Mental State is also sadly afflicted: And don't say you haven't been warned... this blog is officially a high-risk read*. I was offered Venlafaxine as a cure for "emotional lability" but I decided instead, after three years of feeling progressively silenced by the mental health service, that it was about bloody time I started feeling animated and excitable about life again. (And in any case, I'd a